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An afterwork where we'll discuss on key Factors on how to implement & practice self-management within an organization. We'll have insightful keynotes and a roundtable, followed by a networking cocktail on how an organization should implement and practice self-management for those who are new to the practice. The goal? Share ideas, methods and obstacles of what can be done effectively and what we should avoid at all costs when implementing and practicing self-management.


☆ Kick off : Short introduction by Soople and Holaspirit

☆ 1st keynote by Lydia Bos, Arts en Zorg: She will touch points on how organizational development is necessary to make an organization dynamic and agile.

☆ 2nd keynote by Andrea de Pater, Chordify: Pains and gains of introducing Chortonomy. Implementation of self-management within Chordify.

☆ 3rd keynote by Hauke Beeck, Vattenfall: From “being changed” to “being part of the change”. The pains & gains in a large corporation, learnings and resilience towards learnings, constant evolution.

☆ Roundtable moderated by SOOPLE

☆ Final word by Philippe Pinault - CEO at Holaspirit & Talkspirit

☆ Drinks & Network

Join us in:

Sportclub Only Friends

Beemsterstraat 652, Amsterdam

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Join the Holaspirit team for an afterwork in Amsterdam to learn how to implement & practice self-management within an organization.

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