dwarfs and Giants

Rewriting the future of organization. Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.

dwarfs and Giants support organizations to hack the cultural matrix and become more agile. We enable organizations to continually change their shape and their way of working in response to the emerging needs of customers and associates. The clarity of our purpose shapes and guides our work and how we organize ourselves. We live what we say. We practice what we want to catalyze in your organization.

Our Office

Bräunerstraße 11/3
1010 Wien


  • Cabinet de conseil
  • Implémentation
  • Facilitation de réunion
  • Facilitation de réunion en ligne
  • Séminaire
  • Formation

Pays couverts :

Autriche, Allemagne, Pologne, Espagne, Suède, Suisse

Certification and awards:

Certified Holacracy Coaches (7), Certified Holacracy Trainers (2)

Certified Scrum Masters

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