Support companies make their next step towards functioning as a “living organisation”.

Fabric is a consultancy specialised in self-organisation. We support companies in making their next steps towards functioning as “living organisations”, at scale. For that, we mobilize collaborators and help teams implement adaptive ways of working by upgrading simultaneously their culture and structure. We work with hundreds of teams in France and in Europe.

Our Office

71 avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris
Eric-Axel Zimmer
Tel. +33 673 38 16 99
Mickael Drouard
Tel. +33 644 50 26 19

Fabric est un cabinet de conseil en transformation spécialisé en auto-organisation. Notre but est d’accompagner à l’échelle les entreprises à faire leur prochain pas pour fonctionner comme des « organisations vivantes ». Pour cela, nous mobilisons les collaborateurs et aidons les équipes à mettre en place des modes de fonctionnement agiles, en travaillant simultanément la culture et la structure. Nous accompagnons des centaines d’équipes en France et en Europe.

Our Office

71 avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris
Eric-Axel Zimmer
Tel. +33 673 38 16 99
Mickael Drouard
Tel. +33 644 50 26 19


  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Online meeting facilitation
  • Seminar
  • Training

Regions We Serve:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Danmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

Certification and awards:

2018 Certified Integral Facilitator 2018 (EAZ)

2018 Coaching : Diplôme de coach, Ecole AKOTE, 2018 // PL RDC

2018 Integral Facilitator (Ten Directions, Canada, 2018) // MD

2017 Certification de Praticien à Holacracy // Y

2017 Approche Systémique : fondamentaux de l’approche systémique, JA.Malarevicz, 2017 // PL RDC

2015 Certified Holacracy practitioner 2015 (EAZ)

2015 Codéveloppement : Certification niveau 2 CECODEV // PL RDC

2014 Animateur de sessions créatives et de recherches d’idées // YP

2014 Organizational Development Practitioner Programme, Roffey Park Institute, UK, 2014 // MD

2012 Certificate in facilitating and designing workshops with the lego serious play method // YP

2011 Holacracy Licenced, USA, 2011 // MD

2008 - 2012 Open Space Technology and Art of Hosting 2008-2012 // MD

2008 Certificat de formation pratique à la créativité // YP

2005 Non Violent Communication International Intensive, Marshall Rosenberg, Switzerland // MD

1992 M.B.A. Boston University 1992 (EAZ)

1991 B.A. Political Science, McGill 1991 (EAZ)

Industries We Specialize In:


Education and Training

Financial or Credit services


IT Services


Software App Development

Companies We Work With:

+500 employees