We enable companies to have powerful organization at all times in line with their development.

We allow companies to permanently have a powerful organization in step with their development

Problem: Companies are rarely structured to adapt to a complex and changing environment

Consequence: Lack of performance that could jeopardize their sustainability

Cooperation: how to develop a state of mind and collaborative tools? This takes time and requires support.

The good news: There is a structured model: organic governance.

Governance: for the way of making decisions.

Organic: in reference to a living organism that continuously adapts itself.

Organic Governance is an innovative organizational model which allows 3 things: to clarify the “who does what”, to give everyone the authority to decide at most close to the action, allow the organization to continuously adapt itself.


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44000 Nantes

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Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland

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2016 Praticien en Holacracy par IGI Partners

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All industries

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  • 1 - 10 people
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