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Service & Sens is a results-driven consulting company, dedicated to customer loyalty and employee empowerment, striving for excellence.

Service&Sens goes with you to stop losing talent, and provides concrete frameworks for encoding autonomy, agility, and purpose-alignment into any organization’s DNA.

We have spent the last 25 years to work on different organization models, in order to test and implement new agile management and governance systems, within both large groups and SMEs.

Since, we are convinced that any organization should develop an on-going improvement culture, empowering people, where anyone can change the company’s structure as soon as they sense that something could be improved. This might happen at every level of the organization, each team having its own governance process, within the global strategy and goals framework.

That is the definition of a decentralized, learning organization: in this way, the company continually evolves in response to its environment (which means agility), and it’s not as disruptive as some top managers might think.Transitioning to responsible management, collaborative communities takes effort.

There are new rules, methods and tools to learn.

The organization’s foundational meetings change drastically. This will break old habits in order to create new habits for smooth collaborative management practices.Even though the practice feels freeing and refreshing, it requires some resources, consulting and training support at first. Most organization are making this transition because they know what is on the other side.

Service&Sens is here to provide high-quality content, proven methods and tools to support any kind of collaborative management practices. This apply obviously to agile decision-making process for any type of organization.


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