The platform for Holacratic organizations


Follow the Constitution

Our app allows your organization to quickly implement an agile management model according to the Holacracy Constitution’s set of rules.

Receive In-App Tips

We seamlessly guide you along the Holacracy process. Our in-app tips and knowledge base help you familiarise yourself with all the Holacracy principles and processes.

Run Effective Meetings

Our tactical and governance meeting templates enable you to build on collective intelligence, streamline decision-making and accelerate growth.

Holacracy is all about setting clear expectations

500+ companies worldwide rely on Holaspirit to support their self-management practices

A solution for Holacracy practitioners – packed with powerful features.


Holaspirit provides all the tools you need to implement and scale Holacracy.

Unlimited Team Members

We have no user limits on any plan. Invite all the active and non-active members you need.

Easy Setup

Import your existing data or start designing your organization in minutes.

Powerful Integrations

Link Holaspirit with your favorite tools like Trello, Asana, Todoist, Slack and more.

Export & Share

Export and share your org chart, projects and checklists.

Unlimited Projects and OKRs

Setup unlimited projects and OKRs at organization, team or individual level.

Ready Localized

The Holaspirit app comes ready localized in over 10 languages.

Safe & Secure

GDPR-compliant data storage in the European Union. SAML Oauth & SSO authentication.

Exclusive Teal Community

Attend our international events to share ideas with other self-management experts.

Holacracy is not easy. Holaspirit makes it easier

Easy and intuitive, quickly adopted

Our in-app onboarding process ensures you are setup and ready to work within minutes. Our user interface ensures people enjoy using Holaspirit.

For organizations of any size

Organizations of all sizes use Holaspirit. From small teams to 5,000+ members, the app supports agility at scale.

Your experience and opinion are valued

Customer service is our #1 priority. We turn to our customers for inspiration and launch new features on a regular basis.

All Included
3,90 € / user / month

Unlimited roles and circles
Unlimited OKRs
Unlimited projects
Unlimited checklists & metrics

Meeting templates
Meeting reports
Time spent in roles

Full API access
24/7 online assistance
No credit card required – Get started in seconds.