Why You Will Choose Holaspirit Over Glassfrog

Like Glassfrog, we support by the book Holacracy practice. Unlike Glassfrog, we also provide flexibility and customization options to suit your operational needs.

Trusted by 500+ organizations in 45 countries (and counting)

5 Reasons To Choose Holaspirit Over Glassfrog

Like Glassfrog, our app allows your organization to implement an agile management model according to the Holacracy Constitution’s set of rules.

But it also does much more than that.

Choose Your Preferred Framework to Build & Grow Self Organized Teams

Glassfrog is a tool that supports Holacracy and nothing else.

Holaspirit is a platform that supports Holacracy, Sociocracy 3.0, Scrum and your very own rituals. That means that if you need to modify your Holacracy practice or build your own framework down the line, you'll be able to with Holaspirit.

Customize Templates for Efficient Meetings and Better Decision Making

Glassfrog lets you host tactical and governance meetings. 

With Holaspirit, you can design your own meeting template or choose among a full library that includes (but is not limited to) tactical, governance, scrum and OKR review meetings. 

Align Your Company's Purpose with Team Projects and Objectives

Glassfrog gives you a basic view of projects in a Kanban board.

Holaspirit includes an OKR tool that allows you to align projects and purpose at organizational, team, and role level.

Enjoy Regular Updates and New Features that Improve Your Day to Day

Glassfrog releases features and updates that support the latest version of the Holacracy constitution.

Holaspirit does the same and more, releasing new operational features like "Time Spent in Roles" and "OKRs" on a regular basis and making sure the user experience is pleasant and intuitive.

Trust That We Respect Your Privacy

Glassfrog falls under the CLOUD Act jurisdiction in the US.

Holaspirit is developed and hosted in France where European GDPR regulations ensure your privacy and protect your personal data.

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MYCS Uses Holaspirit to Support Their Holacracy Practice


Practice Holacracy with Holaspirit

Manage roles and circles

Design and develop your organization's circles and roles with simplicity and fluidity.

Describe their purpose, domains and policies. Separate role and soul to allow everyone to express their talents in the best possible way.

Bring the 4 core roles to life and harness the power of the consent decision-making process.

Core role templates
Metrics and accountabilities
Decision by consent

Manage work efficiently

Based on the role and circle organizational design, Holaspirit is a unique solution on the market to manage the essential part of your teams' daily work.

Not only do you speed up the handling of tensions and governance and triage meetings, but you can track your actions, projects and OKRs in one place.

Or integrate with other tools, such as Trello, Slack, Asana, or Teams.

Inbox & checklists
Project management
Asynchronous decision-making

Efficient meetings

Let collective intelligence express itself and initiate a continuous and seamless evolution of your organization through asynchronous proposals, governance or tactical meetings and tension recording on the go.

Your meeting reports are automatically recorded and distributed to the relevant roles.

Meeting reports
Tensions processing
Holacratic meeting templates

Start easily

Whether you are experienced or getting started, Holaspirit allows you to set up a circled-based org chart in minutes.

For complete beginners, we have designed a complete Habit support program consisting of 12 key steps, pedagogical and self explanatory.

For more experienced practitioners, we organize regular office hours to share stories and help out each other.

Glassfrog import
Habit support program
International community of practitioners

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What Holacracy practitioners say about us

Hundreds of companies & non-profits are already trusting Holaspirit with their Holacracy practice.

Daniel Kapitan
Chief Data Scientist

"I've worked with Holacracy for over three years now. Started off with Glassfrog, which is good to get the hang of it. Holaspirit provides more flexibility and integrations. Also pricing was more attractive."

Klaas Reineke
Agile Coach

"Software helps a lot for transparency about the organization structure and makes all governance and operations accessible to everyone. Without Holaspirit we could not implement Holacracy."

Nancy Delhalle
Chief Marketing Officer

"Holaspirit is for us the perfect tool for the integration and operation of self organization principles within our communication agency, active in three countries. The tool is complete and available in several languages."

Ivo Bättig
Chief Strategy Officer

"Working with Holaspirit is a pleasure. The public roadmap provides a great insight into what to expect when. New features are implemented regularly in a short amount of time and the support reaction time is world class."


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