Why You Will Choose Holaspirit Over Glassfrog

Like Glassfrog, we support by the book Holacracy practice. Unlike Glassfrog, we also provide flexibility and customization options to suit your operational needs.


5 Reasons To Choose Holaspirit Over Glassfrog

Like Glassfrog, our app allows your organization to implement an agile management model according to the Holacracy Constitution’s set of rules.

But it also does much more than that.

Choose Your Preferred Framework to Build & Grow Self Organized Teams

Glassfrog is a tool that supports Holacracy and nothing else.

Holaspirit is a platform that supports Holacracy, Sociocracy 3.0, Scrum and your very own rituals. That means that if you need to modify your Holacracy practice or build your own framework down the line, you'll be able to with Holaspirit.

Customize Templates for Efficient Meetings and Better Decision Making

Glassfrog lets you host tactical and governance meetings. 

With Holaspirit, you can design your own meeting template or choose among a full library that includes (but is not limited to) tactical, governance, scrum and OKR review meetings. 

Align Your Company's Purpose with Team Projects and Objectives

Glassfrog gives you a basic view of projects in a Kanban board.

Holaspirit includes an OKR tool that allows you to align projects and purpose at organizational, team, and role level.

Enjoy Regular Updates and New Features that Improve Your Day to Day

Glassfrog releases features and updates that support the latest version of the Holacracy constitution.

Holaspirit does the same and more, releasing new operational features like "Time Spent in Roles" and "OKRs" on a regular basis and making sure the user experience is pleasant and intuitive.

Trust That We Respect Your Privacy

Glassfrog falls under the CLOUD Act jurisdiction in the US.

Holaspirit is developed and hosted in France where European GDPR regulations ensure your privacy and protect your personal data.

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MYCS Uses Holaspirit to Support Their Holacracy Practice


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“Holaspirit provides a very easy start, it has a good look and feel. I really like the user interface. It’s just pleasant.”

– Nico Gronwald, Holacracy Coach & ERP Manager at Mycs

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