Going Teal with Holaspirit Reading List

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Going Teal with Holaspirit


How to Implement Effective Self-Management in the Workplace

Introduction to self-management and how to implement it in the workplace. Learn how to set clear expectations to gain confidence and autonomy in your work.

Designing A New Organization

Designing a new organizational structure requires a lot of thought and empathy to be successful. Review and download our step-by-step process.

Finding Your Organization’s Purpose

Finding your organization's purpose is key to high performance today. It helps organizations attract and retain the right people to fulfill their mission.

What Wholeness Really Means

Why wholeness is important to become Teal and how to achieve it in your organization.

Where To Start When Going Teal?

Going "Teal" requires nerves of steel. A clear step-by-step process can help you prepare for the launch and provides support throughout the mission.

How To Approach Onboarding in Teal Organizations

Joining a Teal organization can be unsettling for new employees. A strong onboarding process can go a long way to help them fit in and embrace self-management.

How to Create Job Clarity for More Autonomy and Accountability

Job clarity is a key factor in employee retention and performance. You can't expect people to (over) deliver if expectations are not clear to start with.

Leadership in Self-Organized Teams

How leadership and management works in a Teal or self-managed environment

Building Alignment in a Teal Organization

How to create and maintain alignment throughout your organization

Empowering the right people in the right roles

Take the time to consider these 5 questions before you assign people to roles that might not be a good fit for them or the organization.

Being a Manager in a Teal Organization...

What it means to work in a company working toward self-management, from leadership to support systems

Going Teal In Unconventional Industries

How to become Teal in a non-typical setting: going Teal in factories, workshops, and other non-traditional environments.

The Pros & Cons of Going Teal

There are successful Teal organizations in all industries but some environments are more challenging. Here's a list of items to consider before getting started.

Teal Organizations And Remote Work

Remote work has its fair share of technical difficulties and obstacles. Teal organizations that want to scale see these as growth opportunities.