Holacracy Reading List

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Benefits to Switching to Holacracy and How to Ease Into It

Workforce is changing and so is company culture. We take a peek into Holacracy and how that may bring agility to your organization.

Setting Roles Into Your Organization

Are job titles getting in the way of our professional growth? Are they just made up for appearances? Questions we answer in this article.

Holacracy: Core Concepts, Benefits and Limitations

A complete introduction to Holacracy, including key concepts, pros and cons, real-life examples and key ingredients organizations need to make it work.

How to Measure the Success of Holacracy in Your Organization

Measuring the positive and negative impact of transformation can be tricky. Matt explains how he measures the impact of implementing Holacracy in a company.

Using Pieces Of Holacracy

Holacracy is a difficult framework to implement. One way to make it easier is to pick and choose the aspects of Holacracy you want to prioritize.

Holacracy Coach, When Do You Need One?

When should you hire a Holacracy coach? How much will it cost? What characteristics should you look for in a coach?

Holacracy Practitioner Training

What are the benefits of attending a Holacracy Practitioner Training? How to choose the best one for your organization?

Addressing Common Criticism Leveraged at Holacracy

"Holacracy doesn't work," is what he said. "It's confusing, there is no career path, and the rules are hard to follow."

A Guide to Tactical Meetings (Agenda Template Included)

Tactical meetings are focused on the day-to-day activities of a team. Download our free template to start clearing out items and moving projects forward.

Is Holacracy Implementation an End or a Starting Point?

Evolution at Work supports people and organizations on their journey into self-organization. Co-founder Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller shares her experience.

The Story of Holacracy roll-out at Tochka.com

Boris Dyakonov, CEO of Tochka.com, shares how they've managed to become the first Russian organization under Holacracy rules with more than 2,000 employees.

The Story of Holacracy roll-out at Hypoport

Dennis Wittrock walks us through the Holacracy adaptation process, the methodology of the roll-out and discussed the obstacles at Hypoport.

Viisi: Holacracy Through Thick and Thin

Where some companies relied on massive layoffs to survive the Covid-19 crisis, others were able to cope perfectly. Viisi is one of them.

Thoughts on the Challenge of Career Progression & Holacracy

Self-organization encourages autonomy. It also needs to provide support to help individual's career progression and professional development.