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How to submit and track a proposal?

Create, submit and track proposals

Elodie Ohanian
Updated over a week ago

Each organization has its own way of making decisions. Today, we still have a hard time getting out of traditional hierarchical structures, based on authoritarian ways of making decisions.

With Holaspirit, you can easily submit your ideas to your team using consent based decision making either in or outside a meeting (asynchronously).

Every time you sense that something could be better organized in some way, either via clearer roles, policies, domains or by removing one of those, you should submit a proposal to implement positive change.

Best practice: A proposal is deemed a good proposal if it meets a simple, single goal being to solve your tension.

Create a proposal and submit it outside a meeting

Prerequisite: Consent mode is activated in the Administration settings.

If you don’t want to wait for your circle's next Governance meeting and wish to share a proposal to your circle, you can submit your proposal asynchronously.  All circle members will get the opportunity to vote on your proposal. The proposal will be taken on if no member of the circle rejects the proposal or if the time limit for examining your proposal has been reached.

You can create a proposal two ways:

  • In the Governance app, directly from the role or circle page the evolution applies to. (Read more)

Once your proposal is created you can simply submit it to your circle for them to vote on your proposal and either validate or reject it.

Note: You can also choose tu use Inbox as a repository and to save your proposals in to submit them at a later time. To do so, click on Save as a proposal to save them in the dedicated app, edit and submit whenever you are ready.

Submit a saved proposal from the Proposals app

After creating your proposal, you might have chosen to save it in order to submit it at another time. You can find your saved proposals in the My proposals section of the Proposals app.

To submit a saved proposal:

  • Go to My proposals
  • Click on the proposal you want to share with your team
  • Click on Submit twice

Once submitted, the members of your circle will be able to vote on your proposal and either validate or reject it. You can track its progress in the Submitted proposals section.

Track submitted proposals

Once a proposal is submitted, you can track its evolution in the Submitted proposals section of the Proposals app.

From Submitted proposals you can:

  • Track your submitted proposals: view your proposals's status, when it was submitted, its timeframe, how many people have voted and who they are.

The circle members and yourself can also use the Activity section to comment on proposals, ask clarifying questions or make suggestions.

Note: After submitting your proposal and discussing it with your team, you might want to review and edit it to submit it again later or simply not wish to submit it at this time. By removing your proposal, the votes will be cancelled and it will with your other saved proposals. More information in this article.

Submit a proposal in meeting

There might be some proposals that you'd like to discuss directly with your circle during Governance meetings.

To import your proposal to a meeting as an agenda item:

  • Click on Import
  • In My proposals, tick the box next to the proposal(s) you want to bring to the meeting. All your saved and submitted proposals for this circle will show.
  • Click Import to confirm

As the meeting Secretary, you can import proposals currently in progress within the circle. You will have access to all the proposals submitted asynchronously by the circle members and currently in progress.

  • Click on Import
  • In Submitted proposals, tick the box next to the proposal(s) you want to bring to the meeting.
  • Click Import to confirm

You will then be able to discuss the proposals with the participants of the meeting to decide together to either validate or reject it. If validated, the evolution will be implemented right after the meeting is closed.

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