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Publications version history

Elodie Ohanian
Updated over a week ago

When working on publications, members actually work on creating a new version of that publication. Every time a publication is published, it means that a new version is created and made visible to the organization and its members.

With collaborative edition, it's crucial to keep track of everything not to lose previous work. That's why publications have their own history of versions. It allows members to consult the changes made over time, know who contributed, and restore a previous version if needed.

Switch between versions while in edition

While editing a publication, you can switch between the version currently published and the one you're working on by clicking on the Eye icon button. It gives you a clear view of what changes were made.

Access a publication's history

You can access the publication's history by clicking on the heartbeat icon in the top right.

📌 Note: All members, no matter if they're part of the circle assigned to the publications, can view a publication's history.

The history gives you access to useful information such as the avatar(s) of members who worked on the version, and the date and time on which it was published.

If you click on the Eye icon, you'll access the previous versions and easily spot the changes made highlighted in red (for removed content) and green (for added content).

To bring back a previous version, simply click Restore and go through the publishing process.

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