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Feedback is an essential component of growth and development. It allows employees to improve their work process and performance which in turn creates a more productive and successful company.

If there are shortcomings, feedback can provide the employee with the information s/he needs to fix the issue. When there are successes, feedback should be given in order to keep the employee motivated and progressing as a professional.

How to give feedback in the workplace?

Giving feedback is not always easy and for many, it can be very uncomfortable. But the truth is, feedback is a tool that is necessary for growth and development.

While every organization will want to develop their own method of giving feedback in a way that suits their company culture, there are two non-negociables when it comes to giving feedback.

  1. you must be thoughtful and prepare when, why and how you will give feedback
  2. you must approach the conversation from a place of genuine concern and care

The first step in giving feedback is to be prepared. Know what you want to say and why.

  • What are the goals of the feedback?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What will the recipient of the feedback do with it?

Secondly, approach the conversation from a place of genuine concern and care.

Start by telling them what you see them doing well. Let them know they are not perfect and that everyone has areas for improvement. Talk about what you have observed and then share your thoughts with them.

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