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Say goodbye to boring meetings, say hello to effective ones

Team meetings are one of the best opportunities to create alignment and visibility across an organization. When run poorly, meetings can be a big waste of time. That’s why it is crucial to have clear communication about the meeting's purpose, agenda, goals, and what outcomes are expected.

Create your meetings template and prioritize what is needed

Create your perfect meeting template and stay on the right track, plus document your meetings with the tools’ agenda.

On-time and effective meetings

Well-run meetings start on time. That means all attendees must be set up. With Holaspirit, it's easy to share all your meeting variables with them. Any circle members can open or schedule new meetings, set meeting's frequency and duration.

Stay on top of the game

The advantages

Holaspirit offers a range of adaptive features to precisely meet your needs, ensuring an optimal and personalized experience.


Capture meeting insights to keep your team aligned

Holaspirit comes with two default meeting types (Tactical and Governance meetings), but you can also build your own meeting structure by creating reusable meeting templates that capture your teams' routines and processes. And, share the report at the end of the meeting with your colleagues! The meeting report is sent to all circle members at the end of each meeting by email.


Assign and track follow-up deliverables

Gathering everyone together for a meeting takes resources and logistics commitments, that is why with this feature if activities have been defined, meeting Secretary can create them in real-time, assign in to circle's members and ensure they are managed for follow-up.


Schedule your meetings

Schedule, edit and/or delete meetings. That's right with the platform you're able to to do all that. All core-circle member can open or schedule a meeting for their circle. You can either start a meeting immediately or schedule a one-time or recurring meeting. When meetings have been scheduled in advance, members of the circle can sync the meetings to their personal calendars.


Add an agenda item to scheduled meetings

Building a meeting's agenda is crucial: the more time you spend on preparing a meeting, the more productive it gets. Holaspirit allows you to add items as wells as import tensions and proposals to scheduled meetings. Now there's no excuse for failed communication.


The features in detail

Talkspirit and Holaspirit are both platforms that help organizations to unlock their potential by facilitating agility and collaboration between teams. Take a peek into our company values, what we stand for and what makes us thrive.

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