OKRs Framework

Align your organization’s goals with those of your teams

Strategies don't have to be so overwhelming, now you can set your goals and strategies with a specific timeframe and obtain powerful results.

Create alignment

Foster transparency at the core of your organization and teams with strategies that will give your mission a purpose and direction.

Gain clarity

Let your team know where the organization is heading to, collaborative effort is powerful. Establish effective OKRs and share them with the team and other circles, so everyone is clear on who does what.

Stay on top of the game

The advantages

Holaspirit offers a range of adaptive features to precisely meet your needs, ensuring an optimal and personalized experience.


The hierarchy view

Holaspirit helps you to build a goal tree directly from the hierarchy view. The OKRs tree start with the Company OKR and can be aligned to circles or members objectives directly under it.


Add timeframes and frequencies

An OKR typically works with a combination of frequencies that interact with each other to create a rhythm of continuous progress. With this advantage, you can choose its timeframe to match your preferred planning cycle – plus, you can always personalize it!


Assign members to key results

While you can assign a team or a role to an OKR, you can also assign a Key Results to a member. This helps to create ownership over a Key Result.


Weighted objectives

Holaspirit Weighted Objectives allows circle members to assign specific weights to define how scoring and progress roll up to the Objective.


The features in detail

Talkspirit and Holaspirit are both platforms that help organizations to unlock their potential by facilitating agility and collaboration between teams. Take a peek into our company values, what we stand for and what makes us thrive.

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