Organizational Dynamic Chart

Get a clear view of your teams

Implement organizational structuring and obtain visibility amongst teams. With the tool’s dynamic chart, you’ll add a spark of clarity on who does what.

Brings structure into your organization

The organization's chart shows the relationships between roles and circles as a diagram making it easier for members to understand how your organization is structured.

Transparency between roles and accountabilities

Keep track of who does what and foster transparency between your organization and teams. Roles are the building blocks of your organization. They are defined by a purpose, a set of accountabilities, and the members within it. Holaspirit supports a new way of defining responsibilities and getting work done: work is not divided among people but among roles.

Stay on top of the game

The advantages

Holaspirit offers a range of adaptive features to precisely meet your needs, ensuring an optimal and personalized experience.


Holaspirit offers two types of governance decision-making processes

The platform holds two kind of processes: consent and free mode; one that relies on a collaborative decision-making process to submit proposals and the other one allows users to easily implement governance changes without prior validation from circle members.


Personalize your circle's settings

Because some circles work differently from others, they might decide to define their own settings, so they align with their way of working. Holaspirit allows circles to personalize its settings autonomously and independently of the settings defined for the entire organization.


Role & circle highlight

Bring some color to your working space! A Highlight is a color which is applied to the roles and/or circles of your organizational chart, defined by Admins through a set of specific rules. These colours are visible by all members and allow for everyone to have a clear overview of the organization's structure as well as help navigate the chart.


Manage your custom fields

Administrators can create or edit custom fields visible on members' profiles, as well as roles and circles' pages. Custom fields are used to display additional information and they apply to all members or roles/circles in the organization.


The features in detail

Talkspirit and Holaspirit are both platforms that help organizations to unlock their potential by facilitating agility and collaboration between teams. Take a peek into our company values, what we stand for and what makes us thrive.

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