All subscriptions include:

Creation of Circles and Roles

Holaspirit offers unlimited creation and editing of circles and roles in your Governance module. You’re able to bring structure setting clear expectations and offering a transparent view of authority at every level in the organization. 

Customer Support

Our dedicated team offers top of the line online support from Monday to Friday during office hours in English and French.

Learning Tools

Our platform counts with an efficient Help Center Knowledge Base in-app and website with resourceful articles on how to start, Holacracy, FAQs and much more.

Some of our functionalities are :

Structure and Governance

Create and edit your circles and roles

Keep structure with your circles and roles and its accountabilities. Know who is doing what, and what are everyone’s responsibilities and create a clear map that will set clear expectations giving a transparent view of authority at every level in the organization.

Hierarchy Visualization

In Holaspirit, there is a seamless way to visualize and illustrate every single relation between roles and teams (i.e. circle) which makes it easy for everyone in the organization to identify the relationships that are cross-circle, intra-role or patterns of formal communication in a specific org chart type.

Onboarding for Holacracy Practitioners

Holaspirit has designed an initiation program, dedicated to practitioners in collaboration with certified consultants and coaches. This program aims to provide you with a better understanding of the basic principles of the methodology developed by HolacracyOne by offering you contents to facilitate its adoption and practice within your organization. The program offers a newsletter of 12 emails, sent weekly in English!


In an agile or self-managed organization, you can decide on the assignment of a role by electing its members, also you can have elections in a meeting and via a proposal outside a meeting.


As an administrator, you can add new members to your Holaspirit organization and manage their permissions. With our Standard and Enterprise plan you have an unlimited number of members!

Access modality/ Security

GDPR Law Protection

Holaspirit complies with the GDPR security law and our platform is aligned to security standards currently in place.

Apps mobiles (iOS & Android)

Our platform supports view-mode on iOS and Android for certain modules and also, you’re able to capture tensions and see your roles.

Support and Learning Tools

Help Center

Holaspirit counts with an online support center and a knowledge base to ask your burning questions about our platform and usage. We are based in Europe and currently only support English and French. Average answers are less than one hour during European business hours.

Dedicated Account Manager

For our Enterprise plan, a dedicated Account Manager is linked to your account for any queries, help or support.

Ticket Support

Our team supports requests and bug resolutions.

BETA Access

With the Enterprise plan, you’re able to gain access to our BETA version and have a peek at future functionalities.

Projects and Actions/OKR

Creation and Editing

With Holaspirit, you’re able to build a project for almost anything your team is trying to achieve by breaking down your workflow into actions, and organizing the projects into a Kanban.

Engage Conversations on Projects, Actions and OKRs cards

Create an engaging flow of communication with your circle members on the card of Projects, Actions, and OKRs so you can communicate your progress in a more meaningful way.

Kanban Overview

Kanban is all about visualizing your work, limiting work in progress, and maximizing efficiency. In its simplest form, it follows the “to do - doing - done” workflow. With Holaspirit your Project board is the place to keep track of information about your circle’s and individual projects.


In Holaspirit, you can align OKRs of your circle to company OKR to see how your objectives contribute to the larger purpose.

Hierarchy Visualization of OKRs

Holaspirit helps you to build a goal tree directly from the hierarchy view. The OKRs tree start with the company OKR and can be aligned to circles or members' objectives directly under it.



Holaspirit offers a powerful platform for managing your meetings. Team meetings are one of the best opportunities to create alignment and visibility across an organization.

Governance meetings

Governance is about the structure of your circle, this is where you can create and adapt the roles that capture the work that needs to be done.

Template Meeting and Personalization

Holaspirit comes with two default meeting types (Tactical and Governance meetings), but you can also create your own meeting structure by creating reusable meeting templates that capture your team's routines and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Holaspirit before paying?


Yes, absolutely! You can use Holaspirit free of charge with 5 users — no credit card required. Most of the features are available on the free version.

What payment methods do we accept?


You can purchase a monthly or annual Holaspirit Standard subscription with any major credit card or set up a direct debit. We offer more options for Enterprise customers, if you’re interested in learning more about Holaspirit Enterprise contact our sales team.

Is my data safe with Holaspirit?


The security of your data is our top priority. Learn more about our privacy and security policies.

What happens if I hit my users limit?


You’ll still be able to use Holaspirit! On the Freemium plan, you can invite max. If you’re on the Standard Plan, you can upgrade your subscription and add new seats in your billing area.

Does Holaspirit offer a Standard free trial?


We sure do! You can enroll in a free trial of Holaspirit Standard. With that trial you will get access to our OKRs Apps for 14 days.

How do I change my plan if I start on the Freemium Plan?


Once you’ve created your organization, you will be able to change your plan, and take care of payment details in your billing area.

Do you offer discounted plans?


Yes! We offer both a non-profit community discount as well as an education discount.

How am I billed when I add new members to Holaspirit?


Holaspirit automatically bills you at a prorated price based on the time left in your cycle for any users added to your organization.

How do I cancel my Holaspirit Standard subscription?


If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Holaspirit Standard, you may downgrade at any time. When a team downgrades from Standard, it retains its Standard features and unlimited features until the end of its prepaid service period. At the end of its prepaid service period, it becomes a free Holaspirit Workspace that can hold 5 active users. 

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