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4,90 € / month
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3,90 € / month
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Holaspirit loves those who change the world!
At Holaspirit, we believe that everyone can be an actor of change, especially in the Social field and through Education.
That's why Holaspirit offers preferential conditions to:
• eligible non-profit associations: learn more
• schools and universities: learn more
Included :
Structure and Governance
Dynamic organigram
Circles & roles management
Structure evolution & history
Integrative decision making process
Governance meeting
Projects management
Objective and Key Results
Checklists, metrics and actions
Operational meetings
Integrations with Asana, Trello, Jira, Todoist...
Users management
Authentication, SAML Oauth & SSO
Role templates management
Circle settings management
Advanced search
Members directory
10 Languages
Full API access
24h/7d assistance
Knowledge database in English, French and Dutch
Technical points
Full API access
Authentication SAML Oauth & SSO
Software & API encryption sending datas
External API integration (Trello, Todoist, Asana ...)
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Can my co-workers join my free trial?


Yes, you can invite as many people as you want to join your Holaspirit trial. Simply click on your profile icon and select "Add member" in the "Manage users" section of the Administration menu.

What can I do with the free version?


You will get all our features during 30 days. You can start creating circles and roles for your organization then map those out to unlimited members and unlimited projects.

What kind of support does Holaspirit provide?


We offer 24/7 in-app support to all accounts, even during your 30-day trial period. A knowledge base with video and text resources ( is also available in English, French and Dutch.

​​What are the payment and invoicing methods?


At the end of your 30 day trial period, you will be invited to subscribe to keep enjoying our services. You'll be able to choose between monthly or yearly billing and pay with a bank card or bank transfer.

Is Holaspirit secured?


The privacy and security of your data is our primary concern. We test and constantly enhance the security of our application to ensure your peace of mind. ​Your data is hosted on a France based infrastructure.

What is the service level agreement (SLA)?


We are committed to a 99.9% per month service availability. You can check out our service status on our status page here.

Still have questions? Check the help center or use our contact form to send us your question