Agility at scale

Holaspirit is a platform to support your self-managed organization. Unleash your employees’ potential. Distribute authority throughout the organization. Develop agile practices at scale.
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You’re in good company

Rethink management practices through a new agile approach

Bring transparency and clarity to your organization’s structure. Every member gets a clear picture of who is responsible for what and who has the authority to decide.
  • Rethink your structure in terms of roles, tasks to be done, and purpose alignment
  • Distribute authority and decisions based on a ruleset, whether it’s premade or your own
  • Manage the evolution of your organization through governance meetings and processes
  • Give leadership to all your employees to unleash their full potential

Beyond Holacracy; Tailor-made to your needs

Whatever the methodology or governance framework you use or are inspired by, Holaspirit will support your whole journey
  • Start easily with our dedicated onboarding program
  • Manage your core roles and create role templates
  • Manage settings at the organization or circle level, including elected roles, assignments, and decision-making processes
  • Currently practicing Holacracy? Import your data with one click

Develop agile practices at scale

Transparency. Iteration. Collaboration. Start working in an agile way with project and task management modules seamlessly linked with your roles. Boost productivity and raise employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Share projects and actions with your team members
  • Scale your strategy and priorities with Objectives and Key Results
  • Improve efficiency with regular operational meetings
  • Integrate your favorite apps

Your partner as you reinvent your organization

Our mission is to support the transition and construction of « Next-Generation Enterprises » that have adopted new governance and new ways of working: Purpose-driven. Adaptive governance. Distributed authority.
  • Get supported by our entire team within minutes, anytime of day, no matter where you are in the world
  • Participate in our completely transparent roadmap
  • Find and hire one of our partners to support your journey
  • Meet Holaspirit at events and conferences throughout the year

What they think of us

The whole platform is very intuitive and user friendly. Holaspirit is one of the most important tool for my work and the main source of information.
50 - 100 employees
A tool like Holaspirit adds a lot of value to Vaart, purely because we want transparency. Holaspirit makes everything very clear for the entire bank.
1,000 - 1,500 employees
I think Holaspirit is the only one tool giving some kind of freedom to build some things. It’s not so strict as others. It’s the tool to make your everyday work easier
Information Technology and Services
100 - 200 employees
Very friendly user. Easy to use and the customer support is excellent! It really help us with the implementation of Holacracy. It is necessary for us to have such a software to be able to collect and consult roles and their description.
Andréane Neveu
Project manager
Software helps a lot for transparency about the organization structure and makes all governance and operations accessible to everyone. Without Holaspirit we could not implement Holacracy, because self-organization relies heavily on software support.
Klaas Reineke
Agile Coach & Organisationsentwickler
Holaspirit is for us the perfect tool for the integration and operation of the Holacracy principles within our communication agency, active in three countries. The tool is complete, available in several languages and the helpdesk is very efficient and responsive. I highly recommend Holaspirit.
Nancy Delhalle
Former CMO
Working with Holaspirit is a pleasure. The public roadmap provides a great insight into what to expect when. New features are implemented regularly in a short amount of time and the support reaction time is world class.
Ivo Bättig
Chief Strategy Officer
Holaspirit currently is the best platform for Holacratic organizations available. The Holaspirit team makes good progress while integrating feedback from customers quick. Customer support is great.
Teun Busser
Professional Training & Coaching
I've worked with Holacracy for over three years now. Started off with Glassfrog, which is good to get the hang of it. Holaspirit provides more flexibility and integrations. Also pricing was more attractive.
Daniel Kapitan
Chief Data Scientist
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4.8/5 on Capterra