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Governance meetings are held to discuss proposals and make decisions that will impact the roles or policies of an organization.

The objective of a governance meeting is to modify a team or circle's structure or decision-making processes.

It includes its policies, roles, and the awarding of representative status.

In Holacracy, governance meetings use the integrative decision-making process (decision by consent) that involves specific rounds :

  • the check-in
  • the clarifying questions round
  • the reactions round
  • the amend and clarify round
  • the objection round
  • the closing round

Everybody can make a proposal or an objection as long as it relates to the growth and smooth operation of the company. The governance meeting ends when the objector and the proposer have agreed that the amended proposal would address the proposer's tension while not causing an objection.

Although the governance meeting notion comes from the Holacracy Constitution, there is no need to practice Holacracy to benefit from this meeting.

Indeed, the integrative decision-making process and governance meeting structure favoured by Holacracy can be followed by any type of team or organization in an effort to leverage collective intelligence while still making quick and decisive calls to move forward.

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