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For a long time, company management was reduced to hierarchical, and therefore vertical, relationships, imposing a strong notion of power within the organization.

Management 3.0 succeeds its big brothers:

  • first of all, Management 1.0, Taylorism which encouraged people to move up the hierarchical scale,
  • then Management 2.0 which retained the notion of power while promoting "collaboration", a dialogue between the leaders and those being led.

Management 3.0, for its part, emphasizes the idea of collaboration between employees as well as between managers and executives. To this end, the method emphasizes the importance of dialogue and sharing.

The notion of hierarchy is greatly weakened in order to give employees more freedom, which promotes autonomy and creativity. This therefore implies a complete change in the company, in its structure and organization as well as in its spirit. The company is then revitalized, and employee skills are widely cultivated and developed.

Management 3.0 has the advantage of increasing trust within the company, but it is also a method that stimulates and promotes employees' personal responsibility. Finally, it also improves the well-being of those who implement it. However, the implementation of Management 3.0 can take years and can profoundly upset a company's equilibrium.

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