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SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for Lean software and systems engineering) is a Framework, in other words a box of tools and components used as a basis for software.

It is part of the Agile project management model, which brings together several methods that are intended to be reactive and close to the market reality.

The 2001 Agile manifesto presents the model, based on iteration and incrementation. The most important thing to know about the Agile method is its value base: communication, receptivity to change, collaboration with the customer and finally operational capacity. In short, the Agile method reforms IT project management by working to better satisfy demand and improve development work.

SAFe is a method designed to propel companies already engaged in Agile by enabling them to carry out major software developments. It is based on a simple observation, that of the existence of a gap between the teams in charge of development and those in charge of product delivery.

SAFe then points out the inadequacy of SCRUM in synchronizing teams and claims to exceed it. Dean Leffingwell illustrates the SAFe tool with the Big Picture, a diagram that determines three layers: project teams, programs and portfolio. The main advance of SAFe in project management lies particularly in the "programme" section. Indeed, Leffingwell presents the metaphor of the delivery train, called ART (Agile Release Train), a train designed to create a link between teams involved in the same software components. SAFe's ambition is to make companies more agile in their decision-making process and in the management of their portfolios.

This Framework is known for its ease of implementation through the training, plans and roadmaps it offers. It is also credited with reducing risks to the company.

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