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The social-organic approach to business can be defined as a new way of conceptualizing an organization's wealth creation.

In this sense, we can draw a parallel between this approach and what Frédéric Laloux defines as the opal level in the different stages of evolution of organizations.

This ultimate stage corresponds to the inclusive structures that are emerging in the current organizational environment.

Unlike previous stages of organizational evolution, organizations are no longer focused only on maximizing their profits or efficiency. These remain measures of success, but are not the only drivers of the company. The objectives are now elaborated in qualitative terms: purpose, customer satisfaction, employee well-being, long-term vision.

Considering the company – or organization – as the combination of a multiplicity of distinct entities, from employees to suppliers, from subcontractors to clients, this approach makes it possible to restore the optimal satisfaction of all stakeholders as an objective and purpose.

This approach in particular, introduces the idea of social efficiency, i.e. the impact of an organization on the common well-being of a society.

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