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The acronym VUCA refers to the fact that, nowadays, the business world is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

Globalization, digital transition, environmental issues, new consumers' convictions, and now the covid 19 pandemic imply to rethink ways of producing and selling.

As situations can evolve fast and in many directions (volatility), companies must be ready to make quick decisions while not knowing how the situation will become (uncertainty).

Transitioning to a digital age means that we must adapt to technologies that change constantly, that are complex to understand and untangle (complexity).

This lack of visibility and clarity, coupled with the numerous interpretations that we can make about each situation, might make our choices tricky because it's impossible to know if the proposed solution to a problem is the right one (ambiguity).

Considering all those issues, some people become paralyzed and scared of the changes that a VUCA business world requires.

But others change their mindset to adapt themselves to the VUCA situation to acquire new strategic leadership skills.

The challenge for companies and their employees is to constantly adapt in order to anticipate future developments by reinventing historical models that have become obsolete and destructive of values.

The VUCA acronym summarizes the general conditions of our new business environment. As a result, more and more companies challenge themselves by learning agility and changing their vision to find the best leadership possible.

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