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June 24, 2024
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Agile HR Now and in the Future

After the Pandemic, organizations had to rethink and rebuild teams and strategies to adapt to a new working flow – one where HR has transformed itself into an agile force within organizations. In this article we’ll look into a study done by the State of Agile HR 2022 and how organizations are prioritizing and transforming their HRs departments and teams.  

👉 Below is an image of the countries and places the study was done, to really get a gist of the importance HR has become for organizations and its transformation to agile

State of Agile HR in 2022

Image source: State of Agile HR 2022

✔️ Why are HR teams going agile? 

The participants within the study said that the pandemic played an important role in transforming HR into an agile one. The demands were high – especially within management and servicing employees. But also, when it came down to strategies within management.

The study states: “HR has become a more complex field. At the same time, the organization and its people expect a high degree of agility from HR. This was true at the peak of the pandemic, and remains true afterwards. Thus underscoring the continuous and increased need for an Agile HR.”

State of Agile in HR 2022

The image above shows why organizations are choosing to start working agile, #1 being self-organization. 

👩🏽‍💻What influence does culture have when it comes to agile practices?

Oktai Gasjimov Associate, DecodeHR in Singapore was interviewed during the study to understand the importance of culture within organizations, agility and HR. “ Yes. Cultural differences may hinder agile teams due to its American origin. Agile started in the USA, including their norms and values, which doesn’t fit in all cultures. That’s why recognizing unique cultural characteristics is critical for agile project success.”

💡Things to take into consideration when it comes to agility and culture

It is very important to understand where your employees are from to be able to understand how to act, communicate and react to changes within the organization – also vital to understand how to apply agility within teams, HR and much more.

👉 Below is a chart explaining cultures, their reactivities and behavior.

Understanding culture in an agile environment

image source: Change Agility across Different Cultures

👉 Attributes of linear active cultures


Image source: Change Agility across Different Cultures

👉 Attributes of multi active cultures


Image source: Change Agility across Different Cultures

Now that we know a bit better who is a multi and linear active, it will become easier and better to understand their behavior, cultures and even decision-making.

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⚙️ What is the method most practiced within HR departments?

Kanban! Yes, you read it right – kanban!

The kanban board provides the perfect visual and insight of the workflow between employees, departments and more. The HR department is used to using this method of working through recruitment processes. Why? because it provides an impeccable insight at what stage each talent is. According to the study: “With Kanban for Recruitment, the solution (the process or ‘flow’) is known. Every applicant goes through a number of standard phases; CV and motivation check, a telephone conversation, 1st physical/online conversation, 2nd conversation with a possible case and a conversation about the contract details.”

✔️A quick refresh of what are the kanban principles:

  • It visualizes the workflow
  • Manages what is currently ‘in progress’
  • Able to evaluate the strategy/issue/solution 
  • Clear communication of what is happening 
State of Agile in HR 2022

Image source: State of Agile HR 2022

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With Holaspirit’s visual kanban board you’re able to have your organization's recruitment processes in check, in line with the utmost detail for a successful talent search. 

You’re able to customize your kanban columns as you see fit. 

Kanban Board with Holaspirit

Plus, you’re able to document the process/candidate profile to avoid miscommunication along the way. 

Agile HR in 2022

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💡So how can you enhance agility at your organization’s HR department?

Is there such a thing as a formula for business agility? According to HR Forecast, you can achieve agility with a great success: 

Agility=(transparency + motivation) x training

  • Transparency → use transparent technologies to collect, store and reflect information.
  • Motivation → Let your employees work with autonomy, decision making and with this, they will increase their productivity, subsequently with a decrease in staff turnover. 
  • Training →  People have a set of skills, use them to the advantage for the organization to grow and become better. Also, provide exceptional training to the employees – to become flexible and talented professionals. 
Agile HR 2022

Image source: State of Agile HR 2022


Operate with an agile mindset, practice open communication and visual workflow. Keep in mind that now more than ever – HR departments are making a big splash into the digital world with an agile mindset. Automate, provide transparency and autonomy to your employees. 

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