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September 11, 2023
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Can Different Methodologies Be Practiced with Holaspirit?

You’ve probably heard about scrum, kanban, and shared governance. Whether you practice one of these methodologies/frameworks for a better outcome within your teams, they all boil down to team productivity and agility – let’s discover what each framework offers in this article. 

Today’s modern workflow is all about creating a positive environment where clarity and communication are primary elements within the organization. Agility and efficiency are just some more terms we constantly hear in flat organizations, or teams that wish to make progressive changes in their workforce. But how do teams reach that level of agility? With a myriad of methodologies to practice with your teams, documentation has become a big “yes, yes!” that CEOs and managers are taking into consideration – especially since now, that our workforce has changed tremendously. So much, that a study in the UK has shown that 44% would like to continue hybrid labor, while 51% would rather stay at home. Yikes, what does that say about future working patterns? Rest assured, that the hybrid model is staying for the long-run. 

📣 So buckle up, and start adopting a more transparent way of working with tools that will facilitate your teams and organization’s workforce. 

In this article we’ll touch on what is: 

👉 Scrum’s framework

👉 Kanban methodology

👉 Shared governance methodology

Let’s start by defining what is the scrum framework?

According to Atlassian Agile Coach, scrum is a framework that helps teams become more agile working together. Scrum is all about learning through experiences, working on problems and reflecting on wins and losses while improving on performance. Scrum framework is commonly known and used by software developers. One of its main principles is moving fast with sprints that are up to four weeks with clear starting and ending dates. 

But what is a Sprint?

Sprints are composed of sprint planning, sprint reviews and retrospective meetings with daily scrum meetings. According to, “sprints enable predictability by ensuring inspection and adaptation of progress toward a product goal at least every calendar month.” 

What happens during a sprint?

👉 Changes are not made that could put the sprint’s goal in jeopardy. 

👉 Quality should be maintained the same throughout.

👉 The product backlog can be refined as many times as needed.

👉 Discussions with the product owner are open to learn more and set things clear.

Can a scrum framework be practiced with Holaspirit? 

We asked our tech front-end guru at Holaspirit for some insight on how a scrum framework could be practiced with Holaspirit’s platform. Hugo Cherchi weighs in on the subject: “A SCRUM is firstly a set of rituals. Daily sprint review helps by sharing information on what everyone is doing.” But how can you achieve that with Holaspirit?: “Scrum team members can use Meeting Notes to write down what they have achieved during the day and import it every morning to facilitate the communication.”

SCRUM framework practiced with Holaspirit

What about a sprint review?

“Weekly Sprint Review helps check how the sprint is doing and what’s left to do. With Holaspirit, they can embed the project kanban in the meeting to review them.”

🔥 Document, document, document!🔥

“Sprint retrospective takes place at the end of the sprint to share feedback about how we feel about this sprint and how we would improve it. In Holaspirit, people can write tensions everytime they think of something, take some time to detail it, and then show a clearer picture of what they want to share. Some governance evolutions on SCRUM Circle can also be made in order to write down all these improvements. Everyone will be able to access it – no more things forgotten!”

Write a tension for your next meeting

So what’s our verdict on practicing SCRUM with Holaspirit?

Hugo adds: “Using Holaspirit feat. SCRUM will make people way more likely to share feedback and progress. They will feel even more involved in the process. The fact that everything is written down will give them full autonomy and understanding of the process.”

What is the kanban methodology?

The kanban methodology is no other than helping teams to obtain a continuous workflow and helping them adapt to changes. The kanban methodology is represented by project cards, which flow and move as the project progresses. It’s an agile way for documenting your team’s progress and providing accountability to the members working on that specific project. Its workflow is composed of columns: To Do, In Progress, In Review, Blocked, and Done. However, depending on the tool you use, columns can be customized to fit your team’s needs – and also, make it fun!

Big companies such as Toyota – a mogul brand, responsible for manufacturing trucks, cars and SUVs and “with 338,000 employees worldwide” – are no strangers to kanban boards who use this methodology to facilitate their business operations. In an article, it states that the prominent company manages its car production with kanban boards: “backlog, in progress and done.” And each phase represents what stage they are in. 

Another great example is Spotify. You've probably heard of this small and tiny music streaming service app that has 60 million active users.The renowned music streaming service app also is a fan of kanban boards, making it accessible for all its employees and teams. According to an article, Spotify also counts with “additional cards like the ‘defer’ card – in case the task needs more time for completion.” And the ‘blocked’ card that if for any reason it cannot be continued. 

Make it fun with Holaspirit!

With Holaspirit you’re able to customize your columns and adapt them to your teams, workflow and much more. Also, each project card comes with a set of information that you’re able to fill-in for an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow process amongst your teams and yourself. 

🚀 No more messy updates, or unclear updates – get creative with your teams about how you document your projects and move as one. 

What is shared governance?

According to The State University of New York: “‘Shared governance’ in higher education refers to structures and processes through which faculty, professional staff, administration, governing boards and, sometimes, students and staff participate in the development of policies and in decision-making that affect the institution.”

And how can you practice shared governance with Holaspirit?

With Holaspirit you’re able to bring transparency to your organization of who does what, roles, accountabilities and so forth. With our platform you’re able to share ideas, create governance and tactical meetings, OKRs and much  more to participate in the structure of the organization. 

🔥 Create efficient Governance meetings that will bring effective decision-making between your teams and circle!

📣 Get the report at the end of the meeting with key information on what happened, how your team can move forward and what is the next step to take. 

Governance Meeting Report

We asked our tech guru at Holaspirit what are some key differences between SCRUM and shared governance?

Hugo adds: “ Both are methodologies that include evolution. These methodologies are just a set of rules and rituals that helps build your own way of working. Not just a recipe to follow. Both are methodologies that are very participative; everyone needs to be implicated in the pursuit of the RIGHT process in order for it to work; both work around transparency and autonomy to unlock full potential.”

👉 And some difference between these two methodologies? 👈

He adds: “The SCRUM methodology is only a project-based methodology that focuses on operations more than it does on governance.Then it is not directly in opposition to shared governance. It can actually be used with shared governance.”

So, good news for all of you kanban lovers, SCRUM aficionados and shared governance followers – applying the correct process and tool – Holaspirit is able to facilitate and aide in making your teams and organization more agile and effective. 

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