The Holaspirit Team
September 11, 2023
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Holaspirit is ISO 27001 Certified

We are proud to announce that Holaspirit has just obtained the ISO 27001 certification, an international standard for information systems security valid for three years. Obtaining this certification is part of our ambition to make Holaspirit one of the most secure digital workplaces on the market.

In this article we'll explain why this has become vital and important for Holaspirit:

Let's kick off with: What is an ISMS?

An ISMS (information security management system) refers to the set of policies, processes and tools put in place to manage and limit information security risks.

In particular, it allows to :

→ better identify and anticipate cyber threats (e.g. phishing, ransomware, denial of service attacks, etc.),
→ control the security risks associated with the organization's critical and sensitive information and implement security practices to ensure data confidentiality, availability and integrity (such as dual authentication, password manager and information tagging).

What are the benefits of being ISO 27001 certified?

Secure information in all forms, including paper-based, cloud-based and digital data

→ Increase resilience to cyber-attacks

→Provide a centrally managed framework that secures all information in one place

→Ensure organization-wide protection, including against technology-based risks and other threats

→ Respond to evolving security threats

→Protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data

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How did Holaspirit obtain it?

Obtaining this certification mobilized our infrastructure, development and product teams, as well as our new security team. To meet the requirements of ISO 27001, we reviewed all of our policies and processes related to data security, including:

→our DRP (disaster recovery plan),
→ our employee onboarding process,
→ our data management policies, etc.

This certification was also an opportunity to re-educate our employees about good information security practices and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

An in-depth audit was then carried out by a specialized organization in order to verify the compliance of our procedures with the ISO 27001 standard. After many months of work, our efforts were finally rewarded – Holaspirit is now ISO 27001 certified!

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