Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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Management & Governance

How to Become a Better Manager Today?

Being a manager in today’s working force can be tricky, at times confusing and perhaps overwhelming with so much going on. So many questions can arise, for instance: how do we obtain employee engagement, retention and achieve productivity – all at the same time? 

Stressful, if you ask me. 

Luckily, we’re here to help and provide you with tips on how to become a better manager in today’s workforce environment. 

According to a Gallup survey, being a manager is vital for the organization as 70% of the team’s participation and engagement depends on the manager – to which a high employee engagement means a high employee retention, reducing overall turnover. 

So here are quick tips to help your team and employee retention for the organization:

#1 💡Improve communication skills

  • Learning how to communicate with your employees and team members is essential to run effective teams, projects and so forth. According to Forbes, it is advised to give constructive feedback when you can, instead of waiting for the 1-1 with a team member, so with that, you're able to re-direct the project in the right direction.
  • Learn how to effectively convey your message across and what is expected from each team member at the end of the project, or quarter. 
  • Set clear strategies and objectives for each project and team.

#2 👋 Learn to accept and give constructive feedback

Accepting and listening to feedback can get someone far – especially when working in different projects with different team members. We are not perfect, and mistakes will be made. This is why learning to give and receive constructive feedback is important for projects to become successful and effective. Offer feedback formation to your team, join them to let your team know you're also there to learn!

#3 🔥 Provide update meetings with team members

 Create 1-1 quick meetings to clear the air on misunderstandings, or doubts that they might exist, as they are helpful for the flow of things. If goals are being set quarterly or annually – perhaps setting quick status updates with teams and colleagues will be effective in the long run as you can correct any mishaps along the way. 

#4 🚀 Learn how to motivate your team

Motivating a team is essential and by far the most crucial element for employee retention within an organization

Employees want to feel valued and appreciated if their work is being done correctly – but most importantly they want to feel like they belong in the organization and team. 

According to the book: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People, showing gratitude towards the employee is important, and this is how you can to it:

  1. When showing gratitude, always use the employee’s name.
  2. Explain or showcase why the action was vital and important to the team/project or organization. 
  3. Make sure your words of gratitude are delivered within a day. 

#5 📚 Learn how to delegate 

Learning how to delegate work amongst your team is just as important in delivering clear objectives and strategies within your team. Becoming a leader doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen with a snap of a finger. Investing in developing great leadership skills is as important. According to the Center for Creative Leadership: “Organizations need a leadership strategy that closely connects with the business strategy and equips employees with the leadership skills needed to implement it. Leadership development allows organizations to shape the culture and strategy of the business.”

🔥Article pick: The 4 Paradoxes of Self-Leadership

#6 🏆 Provide guidance and autonomy to your team

Delivering projects and obtaining bold results with effective performance is the ultimate goal, but as a manager in order to obtain maximum results, it is essential that objectives are clear and transparent within the team. With Holaspirit, you’re able to set goals and align the organization’s purpose with those to your team. 

The platform lets you set your OKRs while keeping track as you go and change your strategy – if along the way you don’t see fit the objectives to those to your goals! 

Let your team members work with autonomy and see how much they can give back to the team and organization. With Holaspirit’s platform you’re able to delegate roles with a set of accountabilities for effective performance, plus the platform also offers the feature called: time spent in roles, which lets each team member declare how much time they’ve spent in each role, perhaps they’re being overworked and need help with the workload.  

🥳 So are you ready to become a better manager?

The answer is, yes! Start with setting strategies and objectives with your team, make sure you have scheduled quick status updates with each team member and make sure you’re on the road to motivating your team. 

Tell us about your project and start using Holaspirit. 

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