Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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How to Implement Holaspirit in a Nutshell

Long gone are the days that coming to an office from 9 ‘til 5 was a thing, now, it’s all about being hybrid, home office and flexible working hours. But how does an organization prepare for such change – how are they equipped to serve their employees with efficient tools with the constant and ever changing roles in the working environment? 

In this article, we’ll discover:

  • How to prep and keep your A-game on point
  • Discover Holaspirit as a tool and its benefits
  • How do you implement Holaspirit in a nutshell

📣 How do we prep and keep our A-game on point so our collaborators feel flexible?

According to a documentary, “20% are invested in their work; 61% are not invested; 19% are so unhappy that they seek to harm their employer.” Pretty sad (and dangerous) numbers if you ask me! 

But what causes these numbers to be high and negative for an organization?

Study by Gallup

Image: Gallup

According to a recent study by Gallup: “For leaders and managers, loud quitting can signal major risks within an organization that are important not to ignore. Conversely, quiet quitters are often your greatest opportunity for growth and change. They are waiting for a leader or a manager to have a conversation with them, encourage them, inspire them. A few changes to how they are managed could turn them into productive team members.”

As shown by the study, leadership and management is a big influence on today’s silent quitting – or any kind of quitting for that matter.  As a matter of fact, in the study, 41% of the employees being interviewed were asked: what would you change about your working place to make it better? And they said the following (and we quote):

✅ For everyone to get recognized

✅ I would like it if the managers were more approachable, and we could talk openly

✅ They should grant more autonomy in the work to stimulate everyone’s creativity

✅ I would like to learn more things, but the work I do is quite repetitive

✅ Clearer goals and stronger guidance

So now that we’ve given you what not to do and how to avoid these kinds of disasters, perhaps investing in tools to facilitate management and offer autonomy to your employees would be the right thing to do. 

🦋 Discover Holaspirit as a tool and its benefits

There are a myriad of tools in this day and age to help your teams stay on point, follow projects and better its communication within the organization. And from experience, the clearer your goals are as a whole, the better direction you’ll have for your organization and teams.

But how can you bring clarity, transparency and goal-keeping within your organization?

Ding, ding! Yes, with the use of efficient tools that will bring peace to your collaborators. And we have just the perfect tool that can really boost your organization’s performance, efficiency and transparency. 

Holaspirit is a self-management tool that helps organizations unlock their potential. The tool counts with features that allows teams to have a clear view of who is doing what, on-going projects, and the OKRs feature that allows teams and organizations to align with each other. 

💕 Benefits of having a tool like Holaspirit in your organization:

  1. Transparency throughout the entire organization with our key dynamic chart 
  2. A better take on decision-making 
  3. A clear communication throughout teams and projects 
  4. An alignment between goals and teams 

Having key tools in your organization is vital as it allows teams to work together, with autonomy and all towards the same goal. 

How do you implement Holaspirit in a nutshell?

Implementing a new tool can be scary, especially if it’s your first time practicing self-management and agility. When implementing a tool and methodologies as such, it is key to take things slowly and if possible take it one step at a time. In some cases, if complex, a coach is needed to make the transformation easier. But here are quick and easy steps on how to start with Holaspirit:

#1 Open a free trial if you wish to test out our free trial

#2 If you think your project or transformation is a bit more than you can chew, you can always book a call with our sales team!

P.S you can always Check out our prices plans and see what will fit your team and organization.

🔥What happens now that I am testing the free trial?

Here is a quick start guide for members, if not, perhaps easy tips on how to get started and understanding on how to build relationships between roles is key to starting on the right path with Holaspirit. 

Why is it important to understand relationship roles?

  • Communicate who/what needs to interact and why
  • Make better decisions after consulting with affected roles
  • Reduce the risk of missed requirements

Once you’ve understood that bit, you can probably start exploring the platform and see what fits best with your organization. 

Key thing to know: Holaspirit counts with an awesome feature called Experiments lab, where you can test out ALL of our current features… being put to the grind! Once you test them out you can give us our honest opinion, feedback and let us know how we can improve once the release is out permanently. 

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re giving you a template on how you can introduce Holaspirit to your collaborators. Introducing a new working tool with new methodology to employees could be tricky. 

With all of that being shared, don’t let your organization be part of the percentage we shared at the top of this article. Collaborators do look for motivation, open conversation with managers and overall – autonomy. 

Revolutionize your way of working now!