Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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HR’s Roadmap for What’s Left of 2022

As working culture continues to evolve, shift and transform itself – employees are now more than ever looking to work in places where they feel valued, cared for, motivated and excel within their careers. 

That’s why in this article we’ve round-up five HR trends for 2022 – that could serve your organization, employees and enhance your working environment.  

So buckle up because these are the five trends we will be looking at: 

  1. Employee’s well-being
  2. Upskilling your employees
  3. Employees seek organizations that match their own values 
  4. Adapt to a hybrid module 
  5. Go for data-driven decisions 

🧘🏽‍♀️ #1 Employees’ well-being

Creating a working environment where employees feel appreciated and cared for – professionally – speaks volumes about the organization they wish to be part of/or already are.

According to Forbes, not only are employees’ benefits important for employee retention, but also, their well-being – physical and emotional. Hewlett Packard is said to be an example for other organizations in the offerings and benefits they share with their staff members: an example of how they are moving in the right direction is their “HP Spirit Program” where it provides health apps for working parents on how to manage home schooling, and much more.  

A recent report done by Care, human resource leaders and decision-makers have shifted employees’ benefits: “ Most frequently, these are paid vacation days, commuter benefits, tuition reimbursement or on-site meals.” 

And what are they prioritizing now – what are employees more interested in? 

“98% of respondents plan to newly offer or expand at least one benefit and invest more heavily in the benefits that their employees truly want and consider most essential.” 

  • health insurance
  •  health and fitness discounts
  •  mental health support
  •  child care benefits
Employee well-being
Source: Forbes 

🎖 #2 Upskilling your employees

Upskilling is all about offering your employees the right support, tools and strategy for an effective working performance. You want to create a tailored-made talent strategy for your employees with the correct education program to overcome new changes in the working field. 

According to the Care report it is vital that employees understand that these tools are for progress and opportunities to grow, professionally: “And last but not least, making sure that employees recognize and embrace these changes as an opportunity for professional growth, instead of feeling threatened by the new way of work”  

A 2021 McKinsey Global Survey states that reskilling employees is an urgency amongst organizations. The survey states: “58% of respondents say that closing workforce skill gaps has become a higher priority since the pandemic began. Research identifies 5 key steps that an organization can take to overcome the gaps: hiring, contracting, redeploying, releasing and building skills within the current workforce.”

Upskilling Employees 2022
Source: McKinsey 

⭐️ #3 Employees seek organizations that are align with their values 

The pandemic unpacked and redirected many things (not only in the workforce) but also, how people conducted their lives, energy, goals and desires. The pandemic restructured many things that weren’t visible to many – this is called, The Great Reshuffle. Now, more than ever employees are looking to work for companies that will bring them maximum satisfaction, benefits and flexibility – remote work

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A research conducted by Future Workplace and Blue Beyond Consulting: Closing the Employee Expectation Gap, conducted a sample on 753 business leaders – HR leaders, knowledge workers – showed that eight out of ten employees said company values mattered to them, and had to be aligned with theirs. 

🏡 #4 Adapt a hybrid module 

According to a study done by McKinsey, parents are now more likely to look for organizations that offer flexibility – a hybrid module. 

The research states: “We found that parents were more likely to have left their jobs over the past several months than their nonparent counterparts. Reasons include exhaustion from the competing pressures of working from home and juggling childcare responsibilities, struggles with returning to the office but not finding consistent childcare, and reevaluating their overall work–life balance. Parents are looking for more flexible work opportunities, from taking time off and starting their own businesses to turning to gig roles.”

After the pandemic, employees are looking to continue the flexibility that organizations were providing: working from home, or coming to the office – you choose! Many, especially parents, having the time to take care of their children, being able to pick them up from school, and having the time to take upon other activities is vital for employees. 

Adapt a hybrid module

🏎 #5 Go for data-driven decisions 

Organizations are now realizing that implementing workforce analytics will help their HR departments to localize and find talent effectively. But not only that, onboarding can be far more efficient, talent retention, employee engagement, performance and much more can be better with analytics – not leaving to the side that they are also cutting costs down. With great and effective HR strategies, companies can have exponential growth with a superb working environment

A KPMG report done after the pandemic showed that: “56% of HR organizations identify enhancing analytics capabilities as among the top three reasons for investment in HR technology. 45% of HR organizations are investing in data modellers/scientists.”

A research done by Heuvel and Bondarouk showed that by 2025 HR analytics will become an essential part of the business and an established one – proving a greater impact on organizations “and a strong influence on operational and strategic decision-making.”

Now that you’ve got some useful tips and trends on how to change the course of your second half of your business year, it’s time to put in practice some of these trends, and start measuring the impact of your organization. 

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