Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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People & Culture

Internal Communication for Multicultural Organizations

Organizations of today are looking to become more culturally diverse. But with diversity, challenges may arise. How can organizations stay effective and productive regardless of their multicultural diversity

In this article we’ll define:

  • What is culture?
  • How to navigate multicultural organizations when it comes to its internal communication?
  • And what are the best tools to do so?

📣What is culture?

Before diving into enhancing your organization’s internal communication, it is vital to understand what is CULTURE. Once that is defined and understood, you’ll have a good understanding on how to approach your collaborators and what are effective ways to enhance your communication, communication channels, collaboration and so forth. 

According to prominent researcher, Geert Hofstede: “Culture is defined as the collective mental programming of the human mind which distinguishes one group of people from another.”

Everyone is raised with a specific culture, and with that, each being is wired/programmed to act and behave a certain way. From the way they drink their tea, to the way they respond, act and react to certain situations. 

Having said all of the above, It is vital to understand that not everyone will have the same comprehension of certain subjects, nor will their conflict resolution be the same for everyone. 

Culture has a massive impact on how we communicate – inside and outside our working environment. And if you’re the CEO of a multicultural organization, understanding where your collaborators come from is key if you wish to motivate them and have efficient teams. 

Keep in mind the following in a multicultural organization:

➡️ There will be different perceptions

➡️ Different opinions

➡️ And the way to even communicate

🌟 Being part of a multicultural organization can open the door to creativity?

Belonging in a multicultural organization can be beneficial, not only for creativity, but also interest in other cultures, traditions, religions, etc. 

Having a diverse team, diverse managers can also bring so much value to your daily working life. For instance, if you’re working on a marketing ad/campaign working with collaborators with different social backgrounds, cultures and traditions can help you understand how each culture perceives the campaign, its marketing efforts and more. 

🎉 How to navigate multicultural organizations when it comes to its internal communication?

Creating a strategy for multicultural organizations and how to communicate with efficiency is key. Understanding the barriers that exist, and bringing them down to foster openness, and safety to communicate. 

If you want to enhance your internal communication and boost your organization’s productivity, here are a couple of pointers you might want to consider:

➡️ Create a space so everyone can express themselves

➡️ Invest into programs to enhance its communication

➡️ Promote transparency within your organization so everyone can communicate better

➡️ Ensure that everyone’s culture and language is respected 

According to an article done by Forbes, one way to enhance and promote internal communication is by adopting a virtual tool, to help and facilitate its communication: “One way I’ve seen companies successfully break down communication and cultural barriers within their global workforces is through virtual collaboration tools.”

🏆 Article pick: Successful internal communication

And what are the best tools to do so?

Make sure to adopt tools that will allow your organization and collaborators to stay in constant communication: efficient and effective. There are many tools nowadays that promote all of that. 

Talkspirit & Holaspirit: both platforms that boost an organization’s productivity via their features that promote clarity and transparency – with an enormous focus on boosting its communication flow

Why Talkspirit?

Talkspirit is an all-in-one intranet solution that gives teams and employees the tools they need to better communicate together—and gives organizations the framework they need to take their internal communication to the next level. It includes a chat platform; a newsfeed feature, which curates information for employees; and a member directory.

Bring transparency with Holaspirit:

Holaspirit is a platform that fosters transparency within teams and an organization. With its Highlights feature that allows team members navigate the governance chart with ease at all times; it brings clarity on how does what with the platform’s roles & accountabilities; and last but not least, its project board, it allows all teams to follow and stay up to date with what’s happening with each project. 

Enhance your internal communication and get to know your collaborators by promoting transparency and a safe place. 

Revolutionize your way of working now!