Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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Management & Governance

The Future of Organizations, What Does it Look Like? Bring Transparency with Holaspirit

We take a peek into what organizations look like in today’s world; what does it mean to be an organization of the future, and how do they operate?

In this article we’ll dive into:

  1. What organization’s look like today 
  2. How do they operate
  3. How can you bring transparency to your organization with Holaspirit

📣What does the future of organizations look like in today’s workforce?

Future organizations are those who are future-ready companies, but what is a future-ready company? According to a research done by McKinsey, there are three major key roles that make up for a future-ready company: 

  1. They know who they are and what they’re all about 
  2. They place energy into speed and simplicity
  3. They are motivated to learn, new ideas and innovation – growth!

A future-ready company is one that has been able to twist and bend for the better with the new wave of working culture the pandemic has left us. We know that after and during the pandemic, working ambience has changed – immensely. We also know, people are looking to work in organizations that motivate them – professionally and personally. 

Employees are seeking purpose, an organization that aligns with their personal values, vision and a working ambience that will give them, overall, flexibility. Many have chosen to adopt a hybrid approach when it comes to working hours, others, are opting for full remote and some, in-office. A future-ready organization knows that offering these commodities, and/or flexibilities to the employees is key for employee engagement and retention. 

Having said that, a future-ready organization knows the value of re-adjusting their corporate identity, purpose and vision. But most importantly, to move forward, they understand that innovation is key to succeed in such a working culture in today’s day and age. 

📈How does the future-ready organizations operate today?

As stated before, they know their value in the market, sharpen their identity and keep their purpose clear. 

A McKinsey study
The image above depicts key roles that will set future-ready organizations apart from the rest of the crowd. 

As stated before, three key points:

  1. Who are we?
  2. How do we operate?
  3. How do we grow?

At this point, if you’re a manager, CEO, leader – it’s important to start questioning and answering these three main questions, if you haven’t already. Think about how these points will set you apart from the rest of the organizations in the market, and the value it will bring – not just financially, but also you’ll be able to retain employees easier. 

Open Mind BBVA, states: “Executives are launching more strategic initiatives than ever. Skilled leaders have always tried to improve productivity, but now they are trying to innovate more and faster.”

With such a thought provoking statement, we can see clearly how future-ready companies are operating inside-out. 

For example, future-ready organizations are taking their data very seriously. Medium shares how to build a data-rich platform that will play an essential role in your organization’s innovation, while differentiating them from the rest of the competition. 

“Build a data-rich tech platform: Future-proof companies take data seriously. For them, data isn’t simply about reporting what is happening in the business or answering a business question. Data is the business. To make the most of data, leading organizations must tackle a complex set of tasks. They must create compelling approaches to data governance, redesign processes as modular applications, tap the benefits of scalable cloud-based technology, and support all this through variable-cost technology budgets that are reallocated dynamically. By seizing upon data’s ability to connect and scale, these companies will be able to develop new products, services, and even businesses in fast release-and-upgrade cycles.”

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Why is transparency important in a future-ready organization? 

Future-ready organizations know that having full transparency within their teams and ways of working opens a flood of opportunities, why? Because it offers:

  1. Clear communication amongst teams/organization
  2. Creates trust between teams
  3. Leading to employee retention 

Transparency is the lead-way for teams to open up about topics, tensions and other things leaving misunderstandings out of the way. When everything is clear, it creates trust amongst teams to make teamwork decisions, working autonomously and supporting each other. Subsequently, making employee retention percentage a higher one. 

💡How can you bring transparency to your organization with Holaspirit?

With Holaspirit you’re able to bring transparency to your organization by showcasing the structure of your organization, who does what with accountabilities and roles of each collaborator. Having a full overview for everyone to see the structure of the organization creates belonging and trust amongst collaborators.  

And what happens if you practice more than one methodology? With Holaspirit, you’re able to practice whichever methodology you wish to adopt – you’re able to adapt your desired methodology to the platform. 

  1. With Holaspirit’s dynamic chart you’re able to have a clear view of your organization and structure it as you go. 
  2. You’re able to document your process, projects and avoid misunderstandings.
  3. Align your organization’s purpose with the teams’ goals. 

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Bring visibility of your organization with Holaspirit
Bring visual structure to your organization with a clear view of your teams and more. 

Document your team with Holaspirit
You’re able to document who does what, with roles and responsibilities so everyone knows who is doing what. Document everything along the way. 

Align your purpose with OKRs in Holaspirit
Align your organization’s purpose with your team’s goals with the platform’s OKR feature. This helps you strategize intelligently with a clear view of efforts and results. 

💡Be part of the future 

Become part of the future-ready companies by taking lead with strategic innovation plans. Make sure you create and develop a rich platform, offering fresh ideas with a solid vision of who your organization is and its identity. 

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