Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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Why is Documentation Important within an Organization?

Having  clear understanding of your organization and its processes is vital for an organization to move forward, successfully. That is why, opting for efficient documentation platforms to ease up your team’s workflow is key. 

Whether your team is practicing hybrid workflow or they’re back to the old office routine, documentation has its benefits. In this article we’ll go through some of its benefits, plus our recommendations on how your organization can document with ease with Holaspirit. 

What are the benefits of documentation in an organization? 

→ Documentation is essential for process control 

Whatever your working industry is, creating, keeping and successfully running processes is key. Many organizations battle with lost documentation, making it look bad for teams. 

Put energy and effort in creating optimal processes for your organization, but don’t let all your work go to failure – make sure whatever it’s implemented is kept and respected. 

→ Documentation avoids duplicate work 

By documenting your projects and/or tasks it allows you to keep everything clear and transparent. Don’t duplicate work and duplicate efforts. Keep it short and simple. 

→ Centralize your documentation

By opting for a documentation platform, everything becomes clear and centralized. Easy for team members to find what they’re looking for, and available for whoever is joining your team. 

→ Easy to onboard and outboard a team member 

When processes are made clear, it becomes an easy task to give the new hire an autonomous role by discovering their roles and organization when everything is documented.  And when down-boarding someone, also, they are able to leave and create their processes, easy for the new hire to adopt and follow. 

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How can I document easily with Holaspirit?

→ Stay on track with every project and cross collaborate

With Holaspirit's platform you're able to keep track on your circle's projects.

👉 You have a clear view of what is happening

👉 No more double work

👉 Centralize everything

Check more here: Project Kanban board 

→ Keep track of your tasks!

👉 Keep track of the organization' actions

👉 Keeps track of the actions that are assigned to you and/or roles

Check more here: Actions module

→ Share internal knowledge within the organization

👉 Share processes internally with your collegues

👉 Easy to create onboarding processes to make it easy for everyone

Check more here: Publications module 

Publications with Holaspirit

Not sure how to start?

Start by opting for a platform to centralize your documentation process and then map out all your on-going projects, alone or with your peers. Then, slowly but surely, start creating processes for internal communication. By centralizing everything, really saves time and double work.

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