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Psychological Safety

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With Holaspirit’s dynamic chart you’ll be able to have a clear view of your organization, bringing structure and clarity to its teams.

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Practice your organization’s working methodology with our friendly-features to obtain efficient meetings, effective projects and useful OKRs.

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In an ever-changing society, innovation is the order of the day. The contemporary world is characterized by a constant search for novelty and rapid change, and companies have embraced these challenges. New products, new modes of communication, new treatments: we find organizations in a permanent pursuit of the "after", whose key elements are employees driven by this mission and leaders in search of the perfect governance.→How does one develop the performance of employees and the teams that bring them together?

→How do they perceive themselves in their work environment and within their team?
→Do they feel they are in a benevolent environment, conducive to their development?
→What are the factors that can influence his commitment to work?

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