Sofia Graniello
March 4, 2024
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Agile Trends 2024: What is the Next Wave of Agile Transformation?

There’s a new year on the horizon, and with that said, trends to maximize your efforts at work with your team are already surfacing the internet. Whether you practice self-management, Holacracy, Sociocracy or whatever methodology to bring ease into your organization and overall transparency – we want to share trends for agile organizations. In this article you’ll find what are the must-haves to integrate into your teams and organization to become far more productive, efficient and work with clarity.

If you still don’t believe us when we say agile teams are far more productive, Delta Matrix, made a recent study on agile teams and stated that 25% are far more productive! Why? 

  • Quick decision-making, 
  • autonomy, 
  • and transparency on what is going on within an organization. 

Perhaps you’re still not on the band-wagon of agility or self-management, and that’s ok! Below are ways you can make your team far more productive this year.

#1 Scrum Methodology and Scaled Agile Framework Continue to Dominate 

If you’re looking for a new methodology frameworks like scrum and scaled agile are ones to be considered for this new year. These frameworks are said to dominate the future of work, why? It is said to bring efficiency, resilience and cooperation on a bigger scale to your teams. Both focus and highlight teamwork, communication and continuous improvement. 

According to a recent article: “ the latest Agile trends enable teams to exchange best practices and learn from one another.”

#2 Agile AI and Machine Learning Integration

AI (artificial intelligence) has slowly made its debut in 2023, many organizations were quick to incorporate their AI into their products, and with that, 2024, will be a year where customers will have their time to test it out! Prolific organizations such as Amazon, Notion and Canva amongst other notorious organizations have incorporated AI into their product, processes and much more. Saving costs, bringing innovation to their customers and pushing the envelope a bit further. 

If your organization is all about agility, automation can be the answer to bring your product forward, and develop a far more efficient team. 

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#3 Cloud Agility  

Let’s define what cloud agility is, because hey, not everyone speaks the lingo. According to Hewlett Packard, this term is “the ability to quickly develop, test and launch applications in a cloud-based environment.” If you’re into technology, you’re probably familiar with this term. Why is this key and beneficial for business? Due to the volatile nature of IT and its environment, it helps IT teams to keep running profitable and bringing innovation, and always staying flexible. With that being said, having such things onboard, offers choice to customers and will place you in a competitive advantage within the marketplace. 

#4 Accelerated Feedback Loop

In order to remain agile, one must also practice agile methods, and to continue with our trends for agile organizations, considering an agile feedback loop is also key in an organization’s performance. 

What is an accelerated feedback loop?

Is a process that is designed to boost productivity within teams, projects, performance and so forth. It is a clear process to receive clear feedback and become more agile. 

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Why should you be adopting this new trend for agile organizations in 2024? According to AgileMania: “Any organization needs to keep track of its own performance and look for ways to grow and stay afloat in the market. They need to improve their past performance to stay competitive. Fast feedback loops are one of the most crucial methods to achieve such improvements.”

How is your team benefiting from such an agile method? By practicing the agile feedback loop, team members not only will learn on how they can become more performant, but also, it’s a mindset – one where you learn and implement that knowledge to obtain better results

#5 Business Value-Centric User Stories 

User stories are key, to showcase and understand what your customer is looking for. But let’s rewind and fully grasp what is a user story and why this should be at the center of your business value. 

User stories are not other than putting the consumer and user at the center of the story, as the hero, and sharing what they have to say in regards to a specific journey/product/experience. 

According to Medium, “By focusing on user value it helps in streamlining development processes, reducing rework, and accelerating project timelines. Value-centric user stories help you prioritize the most important and valuable features for users, and avoid wasting time and resources on unnecessary or low-value features.”

Why is this important? By prioritizing users’ needs it leads to the product and software to satisfy its users and experience. 

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Are you staying on top of agile trends for organizations?

Whether you’re new to the family of agility, or you’re just peeking into what could work for your organization, we’ve given you the lowdown on this year’s top agile trends; and on how you can stay on top of the game while also staying ahead of the competition. And don’t forget that if you’re looking to stay agile in whatever methodology you practice with your teams, Holaspirit is an easy and user-friendly choice to create your desired working space – to unleash the potential of your organization. Get to know our plans and see what fits your organization, or have a call and tell our team what are your current projects and how we can help bring agility and transparency. 

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