Sofia Graniello
December 28, 2023
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What is Shared Governance?

A woman is saying she wants to implement shared governance in her organization

If you’re new to the working force, then you’ve probably never heard of shared governance. If you’re not, then you’ve probably heard of it. Whether you practice traditional bureaucracy at your organization, or if you’re into the new ways of working – then this article is for you. 

In this article we’ll dive into:

  • What is shared governance
  • What if you want to practice shared governance?
  • What can help you navigate shared governance? 

💥 What is shared governance?

Shared governance is a working model that allows its members to actively participate in its decision-making process. The working methodology includes shared accountability, shared vision, collaboration amongst teams. 

It is commonly known within hospitals to facilitate collaborations amongst nurses. 

Video above: AOD Consultant, Michael West, outlines the role of team based working in creating collective leadership in health and social care.

But also, the working frame is popular in organizations that wish to deviate from old and traditional hierarchies that are no longer working  – and to enhance its internal collaboration, decision making processes and more. 

Key things to know about shared governance and what does it promote?

Shared governance promotes:

According to Marshall University,

Shared governance relies on an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect and trust that can foster honest communication and consideration in decision-making.”

A recent study done by Gallup, shows that 72% are quiet quitting due to lack of motivation, engagement and autonomy at their work. 

👀 but, what is quiet quitting though?

“Quiet quitting: These employees are filling a seat and watching the clock. They put in the minimum effort required, and they are psychologically disconnected from their employer. Although they are minimally productive, they are more likely to be stressed and burnt out than engaged workers because they feel lost and disconnected from their workplace.”

So, how can we keep our team members engaged and connected at work? 

Simple: Give your employees autonomy and make them part of the decision-making process. I know, easier said than done. 

But what if you start exploring shared governance and giving power to your employees; giving them honest recognition for their contributions; giving them the time of day for an honest chat with their managers. 

There are 3 key things employees need/want to stay motivated (according to the Gallup study):

✅ Clearer goals and stronger guidance

✅ More autonomy at work to stimulate everyone’s creativity

✅ For everyone to get recognized for their contributions

🎉 Ok, I want to give shared governance a go, but where should I start?

Going from a traditional hierarchy to a more collaborative and transparent system can be daunting, especially if there are a lot of managers in the organization and power plays a vital role within departments. 

Incorporating a system as shared governance is not something done without taking proper actions. First and foremost, collaborating with a coach to approach the best way possible the changes within the organization is highly advised. The transformation could be scary, so going in easily and steady is best.

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🌟 But, what about tools?

Being accompanied with tools to help you practice and reinforce a methodology so your organization becomes a solid contribution, transparent and fully autonomous – a platform to fully support all of the above, is key. 

With a coach you can have a solid strategy on what are the steps to take and implement, little by little. But with a solid platform, you can practice what you learn and collaborate with ease.

With Holaspirit, you’re able to put in practice transparency, collaboration, decision-making and more. 

How do we implement Holaspirit in my organization? A must-read article that might answer your burning questions. 

Dynamic organizational chart on the Holaspirit platform to help you practice shared governance
Dynamic organizational chart on Holaspirit

Share with us your projects and challenges you’re currently having within your organization and collaborate with us to make it better and bring its full potential. 

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