Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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🔥There's a new FEATURE on its way at Holaspirit 🔥

There's a new feature on the way! Yes, that's right. Holaspirit is offering a new working space to enhance your documentation and centralization of your organization's documents. And if you’re part of the Holaspirit family, you’re able to try this new feature up on our experiments mode.

So seriously, what is it – in a nutshell?

Our new feature is called: Publications

Let’s be real, every organization has content to work on and to document, but at times it’s a hassle to keep track of important procedures, onboarding booklets, communication strategies for everyone to read – the list could go on!

The Publications app centralizes your documentation and allows teams to easily collaborate asynchronously to keep everything (and everyone) updated. Working together on publications and requesting the formal approval of your team for updates becomes simple. 

The feature is a great tool to work together between teams on content and processes, without being in the same room. It facilitates communication and transparency with simple features.

Plus, if your circle wishes to keep everyone in the loop, you're able to apply consent decision-making to a publication. Let’s say some people in the team have updated a process, they can submit the new version to their circle asynchronously to make sure no one objects to the change.

💭 What can I do with Publications?

  • Collaborate with peer and members outside your circle
  • Possible to comment in a publication
  • Mention and notify the people involved
  • Easy to edit, easy to use, plus emoji friendly 🥰

🏆 Top benefits of the new feature:

  • Centralizes your documentation process
  • Collaborates with other team members – even if they're not part of the same circle
  • All in one tool to boost team productivity

🔥 The collaborative experience

 With Publications, members can work together in real time, thanks to collaborative edition. This process helps people to collaborate better and makes sure everyone is involved in documenting content in their team.

Its perks:

  • Allows circles to open a new version of the publication, so all circle-members can work on it asynchronously at the same time,
  • Anyone in the circle can open a publication for collaborative edition,
  • If it has just been created, all circle members can join in,
  • The publication will be open to edition until it's published
Holaspirit feature: publications

📣 So how can you get your hands on our new working space?

Easy peasy – if you have an account with Holaspirit, you're able to activate the experiments module and test the feature out. If you have feedback on it, you're able to let us know, so we can make it better. 

You are still not part of the Holaspirit family? Check out our pricing plans for more. 

Revolutionize your way of working now!