Sofia Graniello
September 11, 2023
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People & Culture

🎉 Our Family is Growing! 🎉

We’ve got something exciting to share – so take out your popcorn and sit tight! 🍿

As you know, or at least, if you have been part of the Holaspirit community for the past six years or so, you know that we take pride in our solution on helping organizations achieve transparency, clarity and structure to their teams and working processes. Everything we do, we do to support our clients in achieving their goals and success by offering tomorrow's tools for collaboration. With that being said…

Meet our sister company

Talkspirit was created in 2008 – a complete platform that meets the needs of collaboration, communication and networking of our customers. The platform helps facilitate communication and collaboration between teams, boosts their productivity, and secures data with an all-in-one sovereign platform. With over 150,000 + people already using the platform and with clients such as The Post Office, Bergamote Agency, and other prominent names on the list –  Talkspirit has been a leader of their own in their market. 

🏆 Discover more on Talkspirit 

The Future looks bright

Looking into the future and everything we, as a team wish to offer, it became natural to merge both companies and join forces to offer our customers a wider range of expertise, services and functionalities to reinvent the work and collaboration experience of teams.

A fusion that will become a gas pedal for innovation and will allow us to offer a product that is always at the forefront of your expectations by developing a sovereign European platform to support work methods that are aligned with their time. 

Holaspirit and Talkspirit – together 🏆

  • More than 1100 customers in France and Europe
  • More than 200,000 users on a daily basis 
  • Nearly 50 employees who are experts in our solutions
  • A sovereign collaborative solution leader on its market 

So what happens next? 

As part of the Mandarina group, Talkspirit and Holaspirit share a common ambition (which is also shared by the third company, NextGen group): to unleash the potential of organizations. 

The merger of Talkspirit and Holaspirit will allow companies of all sizes to benefit from a single collaboration solution, with extended functionalities to reinforce the agility and performance of teams. 

Customers will also enjoy an intuitive user experience, with an ergonomic, user-friendly, secure and 100% sovereign interface. This solution will combine the communication, collaboration and governance features of both platforms, as well as their interoperability, to provide the best possible user experience. 

👋 such as:

  • hold meetings,
  • answer their emails, 
  • consult their company's news, 
  • share governance proposals, 
  • visualize the processes in place and the roles of everyone,
  • or even manage projects from A to Z!

Our ambition is to continuously help bring agility to organizations of today – its teams, workspace and so forth – and with that offer a platform with the best of Holaspirit and Talkspirit.

As a united team, we are looking forward to continuing offering the best possible platform and tools to facilitate working processes for collaborators and organizations of tomorrow. 

Discover Holaspirit or contact one of our sales representatives for more. 

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