La Fondation CGénial

Case Study

Company size: 

22 employees



The mission of the CGénial Foundation is to promote science, technology and the associated professions among young people. It also aims to bring together the worlds of business and education to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


The team was gaining competence in Holacracy practice and quickly felt the need to equip their practice to improve the management of governance tensions, the multiplication of sub-circles and the implementation of OKRs. The team needed an all-in-one tool at an affordable price.

why holaspirit ?

"The price and the diversity of the functionalities that the tool offers pushed us to try it. The ease of use and the quick learning curve made us stay. The very user-friendly interface is also a real point of differentiation from other tools.

The Foundation is growing rapidly and the organization needed to be equipped with a powerful tool to support this growth (creation of new roles, new sub-circles, cross-functional roles, making proposals asynchronously to save time)."

Most Used features

"We are putting more and more use cases in place.  We manage the distribution of resources and roles by updating our time spent in the roles every quarter.

We regularly consult the governance and make regular points to make it evolve. Recently, we have been managing and updating our goals on the tool in the OKRs application."

challenge overview

"The Foundation has employees from all walks of life and all levels of digitalization, we needed a simple to use solution that made it easy to access and understand the principles of Holocracy. The user experience was our main criteria given that new employees join the Foundation almost every month, we needed a lightning adoption."

growth with holaspirit

"We have documented the organization more. In one year we went from 3 to 5 circles and from 50 to 107. We also gained maturity in our practice by completing over 223 asynchronous evolutions."

Tips on how to use Holaspirit on the daily:

"At La Fondation CGénial, it is very important to have two administrators for the organization in case of absences, etc., and to avoid that the whole team gets a hold on the general settings.

In addition, we opted for a gradual adoption of features, starting with the most used ones: meetings. Then, block by block, we integrated Holaspirit into our other meetings, processes and habits."

implementation journey

"It was very fast! Within a month we were up and running on the triage and governance meetings. Within 6 months the whole team mastered most of the fundamental aspects of the platform. Today we are using Holaspirit at nearly 90% of its potential with the implementation of our OKRs."


"The interface is very simple and really nice. Behind that simple appearance are a lot of possibilities. The more we use it, the more tools we find that allow us to grow together as an organization."

– Team La Fondation CGénial

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