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April 10, 2024
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LIVEsciences AG

11-50 employees

"Because we are Teal by Design, the only step was to migrate and visualize our roles from powerpoint to holaspirit and to learn to adapt our governance process so that we are efficient and we keep roles up-to-date. This took at least 2-3 hours with 25 roles, and a couple of hours to explore all the features and experimenting with how to use it for our process. There is a needed evolutionary step per month where we process systemic tensions. This requires no more than 2 hours including the governance meeting."

The team is said to have elements of Holocracy and Sociocracy, and are pretty non-dogmatic in their use. They use the Role-Based Structures and follow the holocratic governance and tactical processes.

"The most common Holaspirit feature we used on a weekly basis is the visualization of the Governance chart. We use it during our tactical meetings for a simple and quick point of reference to the ways we work, allowing us both to quickly assign tasks to responsible role owners as well as identify systemic tensions."

  • Great visualization
  • Great rendition of the concept of holacracy on a tool
  • Flexible to adapt other governance models too
  • Audit log allows them to backtrack 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Intuitive and user-friendly, easy to update makes it credible as single source of truth
  • Really eases the understanding of the interdependability of roles within circles

"We needed to visualize how the roles come together in our organization, we were doing this in PPT before for the proposals and we keep it in a shared drive. We needed a sustainable and evolutionary way to keep a record of roles and role holders and adapt on the go with our governance meeting. As consultants, we also need to use tools and explore what could be useful for our clients."

"The overall experience has been impressive for us. On the one hand, the features are comprehensive, centered on needs of self organization while leaving room for customization. Such a set-up and design offer us a seamless experience for organizing the ways we work. On the other hand, the frequent and meaningful updates enhance the user experience further, and gives us inspiration to evolve our process. At the same time, the responsive service we enjoy gives us a piece of mind in terms of handling a software application in our everyday work."

"We started with one general circle and now we have a multitude of circles with sub-circles within them. This has also allowed us to zoom in and improve our processes, stay critical to our committed roles and periodically adapt and evolve them as needed through our monthly governance meetings. With this visualization, it is easy for us to identify gaps in roles and processes and to update them regularly."

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LIVEsciences AG


Why Holaspirit?

We liked the flexibility Holaspirit offers. We are always iterating and improving and appreciate the ways Holaspirit evolves with us. We also appreciate the responsive and personal service when we have questions or need help.

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