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September 11, 2023
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40 employees

The overview that Holaspirit provided to the team is said to be clear with everything they need. The tool has been able to provide their working methodology with a clear overview. "For us, it really helps to understand and explain Holacracy better. Furthermore, Holaspirit is a great knowledge base for practicing Holacracy. Not only the solution itself, but also the way it smoothly works with our way of working with Holacracy. Features that are regularly used by our team are automated and are easy to use. The solution supports us in performing our daily work and keeping an overview of our way of working."

At Yobbers they practice the working methodology of Holacracy where power is distributed between various processes, circles and roles. This gives the team the freedom to organize their work in the way that fits best – as long as it helps the organization move forward and is in line with its purpose of one’s roles and circles.

Holaspirit helps us to visualize our way of working. And we strengthen that visualization by making use of emojis! This makes it even easier (and fun!) to name roles. Furthermore, try to specify roles, accountabilities and responsibilities as much as possible. In this way, you can easily find the things you need with the search function. This eases up the process of getting what you are looking for!

At the time that Yobbers started, there were not many interesting, easy-to-use programs such as Holaspirit. We had a demand for a way of using Holacracy in the best way and Holaspirit provided us with the solution. Especially as a start-up, we saw lots of opportunities and potential growth in the solution of Holaspirit, so we implemented it right away.

We believe in working together as a team within the company, but also having loads of freedom and self-organization, because we think this is the best way for people to organize their responsibilities. This also matches the current times that we are living in, companies grow fast and need solutions that can grow with them. Holaspirit is one example that grows together with fast-growing companies.

Other start-ups told us about Holaspirit, which made us curious about the solution it provides. Once we started getting more information on how it works and how it can help us as a fast growing company, we were directly excited to implement Holaspirit as one of our programs to use within the company.

So far, the solution has grown with us and helps us to grow even more. Holaspirit has developed over the years where it implemented great new features that help us as a company to grow. During our journey from a start-up to now being a scale-up, Holaspirit has grown with us.

Everyone at Yobbers is said to be an entrepreneur within their roles, where decision- making lies in the hands of the one who is responsible. This creates freedom, self-management and self-decisiveness within roles and the way of working.

When the company started back in 2015, they started directly with the organizational structure of Holacracy, and as the team grew and grew – a new need rose and that was to manage the team and keep the overview in an easy, accessible way. For the Yobbers team it was crucial also to find a tool that supported Holacracy, its practices, and a tool that provided their team to work autonomously.

"Overall we are very pleased with the general flow. We barely experience problems or difficulties with the use of Holaspirit. It works smoothly and supports us in the way we like to work. On top of that, Holaspirit matches our company culture. At Yobbers, we like to work in a flexible, easy and smooth way. We work in an informal way, that is why we love the possibility to use emojis within Holaspirit. We are always open to new ideas and improvements, and get the best out of the things we do. We noticed that Holaspirit works in the same way, which makes it a great fit for our company."

– Team Yobbers

At Yobbers they were looking for an easy-to-use tool that was an efficient and smooth way of centralizing their way of working; including documenting meetings, working with OKRs and having the visual overview of their organizational structure. Holaspirit provided them with an easy and automated way to document their tactical and governance meetings and is for them a place where they can easily find everything all together in one place. As Yobbers grew fast, they needed an efficient way of working and solution that could grow with them.

"When we started using Holaspirit, the organization had only 3 circles: Global, Recruitment and Development. Yobbers started growing fast, where now we have transformed from a start-up to a scale-up. Our team has grown to over 40 employees, and we are growing steadily. That also meant that overtime, the amount of circles, roles and accountabilities have increased. Yobbers currently has 8 circles where we make use of sub circles as well. In total we have over 100 roles! Furthermore, in the reports of the tactical meetings we can see a great increase in the amount of tensions. The average amount of tensions has steadily increased over the last few years."

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Why Holaspirit?

We liked the flexibility Holaspirit offers. We are always iterating and improving and appreciate the ways Holaspirit evolves with us. We also appreciate the responsive and personal service when we have questions or need help.

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